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Job Search Tips for University and College Students & Graduates

Once you have a couple of years of college under your belt and you are nearing graduation, you will want to start thinking about finding a job! The process can be overwhelming and sometimes scary for someone who is going through it for the first time, but these tips will help!

One of the first steps to finding a job after college is to look around your college's career centre (They likely have a bricks-and-mortar career centre and an online job site). You will want to make an appointment with a college career counsellor. They can help you with deciding what kind of career might interest you. You can start doing this in your first year. (The earlier, the better!) When you become a senior in college or university, think about visiting the career centre weekly (And online daily!) This will help ensure you're first in line when the hot job tips come in.

The second thing you should do is: start your job search early. You don't want to find yourself within weeks of graduation and not have an awesome job lined up.

Another thing to consider is taking an internship or work-term with a company you admire before you graduate. There are two reasons this is a good thing. First, it gives you an idea of what the company is like without making a firm commitment; and you make some money! The other reason is that it lets the company see what you are like as an employee; your working habits, your attitude etc. Basically you get to check each other out!

Of course, when you have an internship or work-term on your resume, it also looks good to companies who are considering hiring you because it illustrates you have "put into practice" what you learned during your college and university years; and you have a little experience already. Also, a resume isn't simply something that shows your work history. A resume is a way to illustrate to companies what you have learned, what you can do and what qualifications you have. Education and learning is as important as work history to many companies.

Searching for a job during your college years and after graduation doesn't have to be difficult and it doesn't have to be something that you will lose sleep over. As long as you talk to your college career counsellors, start out early in your job searching, stay focused and consider taking a work-term if possible, you will find your job and career search goes much quicker and much more smoothly. There are many, many resources out there and they are available for the asking, but you have to take advantage of them and use them, or else they will go to waste.


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