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When charter schools (U.S.A.) are mentioned, one usually envisions an expensive public school like system of education. In fact, charter schools are just like free public schools, operated by independent bodies funded by state-approved organizations such as state universities, boards of education, community colleges or other local education authorities like National Heritage Academies.

The enrolment is voluntary but limited to the capacity of a particular charter school structure or state regulations on charter academies. Currently Michigan charter schools, New York charter schools, North Carolina charter schools or charter schools in Ohio usually limit the number of school children to 25 per grade as per the state requirements for charter academies.

Charter schools are usually granted some level of independence and autonomy from certain local and state regulations. Charter academies may employ their own personnel, develop and pursue their own curriculum, set their own educational and mentoring programs and / or methods of operation under the supervision of the school board and authorizer.

Charter schools receive funds on a per-student basis from the state or province in which they operate, just like traditional public schools. As such, they do not charge tuition.

Charter schools must admit any student who applies unless the classroom capacity is exceeded, in which case a public lottery is held. Additionally, charter schools must be non-sectarian and adhere to all state and federal educational, health and safety regulations.


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